Looking for info. on Chev 2500 truck at Car Craft 2005

If anyone has information on this truck, could you please leave a PM for me.     Unless I am mistaken, this truck is now owned by my husband.    We know our truck was in the 2005 Car Craft show at St. Paul, before we bought it, but we have no information about it other than the sticker on the winder from the show.     This truck looks a lot like ours, with the Jesse James wheels, but the paint is different now and there’s a few other little differences.

Anyways, any information on this truck would be great, thanks.

2 thoughts on “Looking for info. on Chev 2500 truck at Car Craft 2005

  1. I fixed the post to show the picture. Sorry for taking so long to approve the post. Never got a notification.

    That happened to be one of the many vehicles I shot while they were driving by and I was relaxing in a chair. I think it was the only time I saw it while there. I have no more info myself about it.

    Were you guys at the show in 2014?

    • No, were have not been to any of the shows. Thanks for posting the information, it was a long shot to find out where our truck came from – it looks very similar to the one pictured.

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