’68-’79 GM X-body Option codes

199 Black shoulder harness
269 Dark blue shoulder harness
559 Medium sandstone shoulder harness
639 Dark saddle shoulder harness
719 Dark firethorn shoulder harness
743 Trim vinyl coated
751 Interior trim black vinyl
753 Interior trim black vinyl
757 Interior trim dark green vinyl
760 Interior trim dark green vinyl
763 Interior trim vinyl
764 Interior trim vinyl
767 Interior trim medium chamois vinyl
950 Color combination two-tone
956 Color combination two-tone
959 Color combination two-tone
960 Color combination two-tone
968 Color combination two-tone
969 Color combination two-tone
971 Color combination two-tone
977 Color combination two-tone
984 Color combination two-tone dark blue/white
990 Color combination two-tone light green/white
991 Color combination two-tone green gold/white
993 Color combination two-tone light yellow/white
994 Color combination two-tone chamois/white
995 Color combination two-tone med orange/white
01L Special paint lower
01U Special paint upper
02N White vinyl bench dark blue accents
02N White vinyl buckets dark blue accents
02V White vinyl bench dark blue accents
02V White vinyl buckets dark blue accents
03N White vinyl buckets dark lime accents
03V White vinyl bench dark lime accents
07N White vinyl bench dark firethorn accents
07N White vinyl bench dark firethorn accents
07V White vinyl bench dark firethorn accents
07V White vinyl buckets dark firethorn accents
11A White sports striping
11L Antique white
11N White vinyl bench black accents
11N White vinyl bench
11N White vinyl buckets black accents
11T White vinyl roof cover
11U Antique white
11V White vinyl bench black accents
11V White vinyl buckets black accents
13A Silver sports striping
13L Silver
13T Silver metallic vinyl roof cover
13U Silver
15L Light gray
15L Silver
15T Silver vinyl roof cover
15U Light gray
16G Medium graystone LN cloth bucket
19A Black sports striping
19B Black sport cloth bench
19E Black knit cloth bench
19F Black accent color carpeting
19I Black
19L Black
19N Black vinyl bench
19N Black vinyl buckets
19R Black vinyl bench
19R Black vinyl buckets
19T Black vinyl roof cover
19X Black big four module
19Z Black vinyl bench
22L Light blue metallic
22T Light blue vinyl roof cover
24B Blue knit cloth bench
24C Blue knit cloth bench
24D Blue knit cloth bench
24L Medium blue
24R Blue bench
24R Blue vinyl buckets
24U Medium blue
24X Blue big four module
26C Dark blue knit cloth bench
26L Bright blue metallic white
26M Dark blue vinyl buckets
26U Bright blue metallic
28L Light blue metallic
28T Dark blue vinyl roof cover
29L Midnight blue metallic
29U Midnight blue metallic
35L Dark blue metallic
35T Dark blue vinyl roof cover
36L Firethorn metallic
36T Firethorn vinyl roof cover
37L Mahogany metallic
37T Mahogany vinyl roof cover
38L Aqua metallic
40L Lime green metallic
40L Light green
40T Light green vinyl roof cover
44L Medium green
44N Green vinyl bench
44T Medium green vinyl roof cover
44U Medium green
48L Dark blue-green metallic
49L Dark green metallic
49L Dark green metallic white
49U Dark green metallic
50L Cream beige
50U Cream beige
51L Bright yellow
51U Bright yellow
52A Gold sports striping
53L Gold metallic
55C Medium sandstone cloth bench
55L Sandstone cream beige
55T Sandstone vinyl roof cover
55U Sandstone
58L Dark sandstone metallic
58U Dark sandstone metallic
61L Light buckskin
61L Beige
61T Light buckskin vinyl roof cover
61T Beige vinyl roof cover
62B Camel knit cloth bench
62D Camel knit cloth bench
62N Camel vinyl bench
62R Camel vinyl buckets
62Z Camel vinyl bench
63I Dark saddle
63L Camel metallic
63L Light saddle metallic
63U Light saddle metallic
64B Buckskin sport cloth bench
64D Buckskin sport cloth buckets
64E Buckskin special custom cloth buckets
64L Medium orange metallic white
64M Buckskin vinyl buckets
64R Buckskin vinyl bench
64T Buckskin vinyl roof cover
64U Medium orange metallic
64V Buckskin vinyl bench
64V Buckskin vinyl buckets
64Z Buckskin vinyl bench
65L Buckskin
67L Medium saddle metallic
68T Dark brown vinyl room cover
69L Dark brown metallic
71B Dark firethorn knit cloth bench
71C Dark firethorn sport cloth bench
71E Dark firethorn special custom cloth buckets
71M Dark firethorn vinyl buckets
71N Dark firethorn vinyl bench
71N Dark firethorn vinyl buckets
71R Dark firethorn vinyl buckets
71V Dark firethorn vinyl buckets
74D Carmine knit cloth bench
74L Dark red metallic
74N Carmine vinyl bench
74R Carmine vinyl buckets
74T Dark red vinyl roof cover
74U Dark red metallic
74X Carmine big four module
75A Red sports striping
75F Red accent color carpet
75L Light red
75T Red vinyl roof color
75U Light red
77L Carmine metallic
77T Carmine vinyl roof cover
78L Medium orange
79T Dark carmine metallic vinyl roof cover
A01 Tinted Glass all windows
A02 Tinted Glass windshield only
A20 Swing-out rear quarter window
A31 Power windows
A48 Seat belt delete (Export)
A51 Front bucket seat Strato type
A52 Bench front
A81 Head restraint Strato type seat
A82 Head restraint conventional seat
AB8 Formal rear quarter window Cabriolet roof
AK1 Deluxe belts & harness front
AR1 Less head restraint
AR5 Wide back reclining bucket seat
AS4 Rear seat shoulder harness deluxe
AS5 Rear seat shoulder harness standard
AU3 Power door lock system
AV9 Seating requirement Export
B02 Taxi equipment
B2H Interim equipment change
B30 Floor covering
B37 Floor mats
B3W Advance price sheet
B49 Deluxe carpet floor covering
B51 Bright rocker extension moldings
B55 Deluxe front seat cushion
B74 Wide wheel opening moldings
B80 Roof drip rails
B84 Body side molding
B90 Door and window frame molding
B93 Door edge guards
B96 Wheel opening molding
BS1 Quiet sound group
BW1 Exterior ornamentation-delete
BW2 Deluxe body side molding
BW6 Custom appearance group
BY3 Headliner
C04 Cabriolet roof
C08 Exterior soft trim roof cover
C09 Padded vinyl roof cover
C50 Rear window defroster
C60 Air Conditioning deluxe
C80 Front door jam switch
CB1 Vinyl roof touring
CD4 Intermittent windshield wiper
CE1 Headlamp washer 93
CF1 Skyroof
D31 Day-night inside rearview mirror
D33 Outside mirror remote control
D34 Vanity visor mirror
D35 Sport mirrors
D55 Front compartment floor console
D68 Twin remote sport mirrors
D85 Body side pin striping
D88 Super sport stripes
D99 Two-tone paint moldings
F40 Special heavy duty front & rear suspension
F41 Special performance front rear suspension
FE8 Radial tuned suspension
G76 Rear axle 3.36 ratio
G80 Rear axle Positraction
G92 Rear axle 3.08 ratio (Performance/Hi-altitude)
G94 Rear axle 3.31 ratio
G95 Rear axle ratio (Economy)
G96 Rear axle 3.55 ratio
G97 Rear axle 2.73 ratio
GM8 Rear axle 2.56 ratio (Econonomy)
GT1 Rear axle 2.56 ratio
GU2 Rear axle 2.73 ratio (Performance)
GU4 Rear axle 3.08 ratio
H01 Rear axle 3.07 ratio
H05 Rear axle 3.73 ratio
J50 Vacuum power brake equipment
J52 Power disc brakes front
JE1 Power brake package
JL2 Disc brakes front
K02 Thermostatic fan drive
K03 Flexible fan
K05 Engine block heater
K30 Cruise-master speed control
K72 Emission control delete (Export)
K75 Emission control delete (Export)
K76 A/C generator 61 amp
K77 55 amp delcotron generator
K79 A/C generator 42 amp
K85 A/C generator 63 amp
KD5 Heavy duty closed positive vent
L22 L6 engine 250
L30 V8 engine 327
L34 V8 engine 396 Hi-performance
L48 V8 engine 350
L65 V8 engine 350 2-bbl
L78 V8 engine 396 Special Hi-perf.
L79 V8 engine 327 Special Hi-perf.
L90 L6 engine 250 low compr.
LG3 V8 engine 305 2-bbl
LM1 V8 engine 350 regular fuel
LV1 V8 engine 262 2-bbl
M01 Heavy duty clutch 200
M11 3-speed Floor shift trans control
M13 Heavy duty 3-speed manual transmission
M15 3-speed manual transmission
M20 4-speed manual transmission
M21 4-speed manual transmission close ratio
M22 4-speed manual transmission heavy duty
M29 3-speed automatic transmission TH200
M35 Powerglide transmission
M38 3-speed automatic transmission TH350
M40 3-speed automatic transmission TH400
MB1 Torque-drive transmission
MC1 Heavy duty 3-speed manual transmission
MM3 3-speed manual transmission
MM4 4-speed manual transmission
N10 Dual exhaust equipment
N30 Deluxe steering wheel
N31 Sport steering wheel
N33 Comfortilt steering wheel
N34 Steering wheel wood-grained plastic
N40 Power steering
N41 Variable ratio power steering
N65 Spacesaver spare tire
N95 Simulated wire wheel trim cover
N96 Simulated magnesium wheel trim cover- type a
NA5 Standard emissions system
NA6 High altitude emission equipment
NB2 California emission equipment
NK2 Deluxe steering wheel
NK4 Sport steering wheel
P01 Wheel trim cover
P02 Deluxe wheel trim cover
P06 Wheel trim ring
P58 7.35-14-4 PR tires whitewall
PA2 Simulated magnesium wheel trim cover- type b
PC1 14 X wheel
PE1 Turbine wheels
PK6 E70-14-4 PR tires red stripe
PK8 E78-14/B tires whitewall
PK9 E70-14-4 PR tires red stripe
PL1 E70-14-4 PR tires B/B white stripe
PL3 E78-14/B tires whitewalls 2X2
PM2 E70-14 belted white letter
PX7 E70-14-4 PR tires white stripe
QBT FR78-14/B steel belt radial tires- RWL
QDV FR78-14/B steel belt radial tires- BW
QDW FR78-14/B steel belt radial tires- WW
QEB E70-14/B white letter tires
QEE E78-14 white stripe tires
QEG E78-14/B Bias belt tires blackwall
QEH E78-14/B bias belt tires white stripe
T59 Conventional battery
T60 Heavy duty battery
T63 Buzzer headlamp
T93 Tail stop lamp assembly
U05 Dual horn
U14 Special instrumentation
U15 Speed warning indicator
U17 Front compartment console instrument cluster
U18 Speedometer (Export)
U25 Luggage compartment lamp
U26 Underhood lamp
U27 Glove compartment lamp
U28 Ash tray lamp
U29 Instrument panel courtesy lights
U35 Electric clock
U37 Cigarette lighter
U57 Tape player
U58 AM/FM stereo radio
U63 Radio AM push button
U69 Radio AM/FM push button
U70 Stereo equipment 339
U76 Windshield antenna
U80 Auxiliary speaker
UA1 Heavy duty battery
UF7 Econominder gauge package
UM1 Stereo tape system w/AM radio
UM2 Stereo tape & AM/FM stereo radio
UN3 Stereo cassette tape AM/FM stereo radio
UR3 Econominder light
UY8 AM/FM stereo radio w/digital clock
V01 Heavy duty radiator
V29 Rear bumper edge
V30 Front rear bumper guards
V31 Front bumper guard equipment
V32 Rear bumper guard equipment
V55 Roof carrier
V75 Traction compound and dispenser
V78 Plate less cert of export compliance
V94 Tax status taxable
V95 Tax status non-taxable
V97 Export preparation
VE5 Deluxe bumpers
VJ9 California emission certification label
VK3 Front license plate mount
WV1 White skyroof
WV2 Black skyroof
WV4 Blue skyroof
WV5 Pewter skyroof
WV7 Covert skyroof
WV9 Tan skyroof
Y07 Painted window reveal molding
YA4 Control schedule
YA6 California body CO override
YA7 California assembly line emission test
YB3 Engine processing option
YC8 Demo option drive
YC9 Processing option
YD1 Axle for trailering
YF1 Rally package
YF3 Bumper equipment override
YF4 Bumper guard & strip
YF5 California assembly line emission test
YF6 California processing option
YH8 S coupe model option
YH8 Green skyroof
YJ7 Demo drive
YK5 Taxi equipment COPO override
YM6 Head restraints export
Z11 LN package
Z12 Speedo driven gear fittings
Z13 Deluxe grille & taillights
Z14 Engine processing option
Z26 Rally Nova package
Z26 Super Sport
Z49 Canadian base equipment
Z51 Spirit of America package
Z54 Interior decor/quiet group
Z78 Medalist package
Z95 Regular fuel engine equipment
ZJ1 Custom interior package
ZJ2 Custom exterior package
ZJ3 Interior convenience package
ZJ4 Trailering towing package
ZJ5 Exterior decor package
ZJ7 Special wheel hub cap and trim ring (rally wheels)
ZJ9 Auxiliary lighting group
ZK3 Deluxe seat belts and front seat shoulder harness
ZL5 NTB sold for reg or oper (USA)
ZN5 Color keyed Rally wheels
ZP2 Trim color override
ZR7 Factory delivery
ZV1 MSO requirement

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