RPO Codes: ’73-’77 GM A-body

RPO Codes: ’73-’77 GM A-body


most of the common codes

26X big 4 blue (not sure what this means)

A01 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows.

A02 Tinted Glass, windshield only.

A31 Power Windows

A39 deluxe seat belts- front and rear

A42 Power Front Seat, 6-way

A51 Front Bucket Seats Astro type

A52 Front Bench Seat

A65 Split Front Seat w/arm Rest (aka- sport bench seat)

A90 Electric Trunk Opener

A96 luggage compartment lock

AC3 electric 6-way seat

AD3 roof ventilator

AG1 electric 6-way drivers 60/40 seat

AG2 electric 6-way passenger 60/40 seat

AK1 Custom Deluxe Seat Belts

AM6 electric seat assembly with center arm rest

AN7 Strato-Bucket Seats, Swivel

AR9 reclining bucket seats

AU3 Power Door Locks

AU5 electric door and seat-back locks

AU6 Electric Liftgate Lock Release

B30 flr carpet f & r

B32 frt flr mats

B33 rear flr mats

B36 luggage compartment mat

B37 Colored floor mats

B39 carpeted load floor

B44 Removable Load floor carpet

B80 Roof Drip molding

B83 rckr pnl mldg

B84 vinyl Body Side Molding

B90 Door Window frame moldings

B93 Door edge guards

B96 Wheel well moldings

BT1 police apprehender/highway patrol

BX8 Full Body moldings

C08 Vinyl Roof, full white

CO9 Padded Vinyl roof- Toronado style

C26 power tailgate

C49 Electric Rear Window defogger

C50 blower Rear window defogger

C51 Rear window air deflector

C60 Air Conditioning, 4 seasons.

C61 air conditioning, automatic control

C90 front door coutesy lamps

C95 dome and reading lamp assembly

CB4 Landau Top

CC1 t-tops

CD4 Pulse type Windshield Washer & Wiper

D24 Litter container

D33 Remote Control mirror

D34 Vanity visor mirror

D35 LH Custom Remote Control Mirror

D55 Console

D64 illuminated visor mirror

D68 Twin Remote Sport Mirrors

D73 Hand Rail Pickup Box

D91 Front End Paint Stripe

D99 Two Tone Paint Moldings

DE8 front compartment mini floor console

F40 Sport suspension

F41 Sport Front and Rear Suspension

FE2 442 suspension package (Olds)

FG2 firm ride shock absorbers- frt & rear

G66 superlift rear shock absorbers

G80 Positraction rear

G90 Performance rear axle ratio- 3.08

G92 Performance rear axle ratio- 3.42

G93 2.73 rear axle ratio

G94 performance rear axle ratio- 2.93

G95 Economy rear axle

GM8 2.56 rear axle ratio

J50 Power brakes

J55 heavy duty front power disc brakes

J57 colannade hardtop coupe

JL2 Front Disc Brakes

JL9 true track braking

K05 Engine Block Heater

K30 Cruise Control

K76 61 amp alternator

K86 unit ignition system

K97 85 amp alternator

L22 250 1bbl six cylider

L26 250 -95 HP six cylinder

L32 350 2bbl

L34 350 4bbl engine (Olds)

L75 455 4bbl engine (Olds)

LD5 231 -105 hp six cylinder

LG3 305 140 hp-2bbl

LM1 350-165hp 4 bbl

M11 floor shift

M15 3 spd standard transmission w/ column shifter

M20 4 spd standard transmission.

M21 4 spd close ratio

M38 Turbo 350 automatic transmission

M40 Turbo 400 automatic transmission

MM3 3 spd standard transmission.

MM4 4 spd standard transmission.

MX1 automatic transmission

N10 dual exhuast system

N33 Tilt steering

N34 custom sport steering wheel

N37 tilt and travel steering wheel

N40 Power Steering

N47 variable ratio power steering

N65 Space saving spare

N66 Super Stock II custom sport wheels

N67 Super Stock IV custom sport wheels

N95 Wire Wheel covers

N99 heavy duty wheels

NB2 California emission system

P01 Wheel Trim Cover

P03 deluxe wheel covers

PK1 G78x14 blackwall tires

PK2 G78x14 whitewall tires

PK5 G70x14 wide tires w/ raised white letters

PM9 H78x14 blackwall tires

PR7 H78x14 whitewall tires

PS3 J78x15 triple stripe whitewall tires

PV5 H78x15 whitewall tires

PX5 F78x14 blackwall tires

PX6 F78x14 whitewall tires

P85 GR70x15 whitewall tires

QB9 J78x15 whitewall tires

QC5 J78x15 blackwall tires

QDR GR78x15 whitewall tire

QFZ P195-75R-14 radial black wall

QKH P205-75R-14 radial black wall

QKJ P205-75R-14 radial w/stripe

QKK P205-75R-14 radial w/letter

QKP P185-75R-14 radial black wall

QKQ P185-75R-14 radial w/stripe

QKR P195-75R-14 radial black wall

QKS P195-75R-14 radial w/stripe

T81 headlamp off delay control

T87 cornering lamps

UA1 Heavy Duty Battery

UB7 speedometer package, trip odometer & speed warning

UF7 Gauge package no tachometer

UH1 electronic lamp monitoring system

UM1 AM radio with tape

UM2 AM/FM with tape

UX6 Dual Front Speakers

U05 Dual horns

U14 Instrumentation package

U16 Tachometer

U18 Export Speedometer

U21 rallye pack instrument cluster

U25 luggage compartment lamp

U26 underhood lamp

U27 glovebox lamp

U29 courtesy lamp

U35 Electric Clock

U58 AM/FM Stereo

U63 AM push button radio

U69 AM/FM radio with buttons

U75 power antenna, front fender

U76 Antenna in windshield

U80 Rear Speaker

U89 trailer wiring harness

U94 trailer wiring harness

UN9 radio delete plate

V01 Heavy Duty Radiator

V1A front bumper guards

V1M ride & handling package (Cutlass Salon)

V1V delete frt license holder

V30 Front Bumper & Rear Bumper Guards

V36 protective bumper guards

V55 Roof Rack

V56 rear luggage locker lock (wagons)

VE5 Deluxe bumper strips

W29 442 appearance & handling package (Olds)

W45 Hurst/Olds (Olds)

WM4 maintenance free battery

WW3 Can Am package (LeMans)

Y60 accessory package

Y65 rear facing 3rd seat (wagons)

Y67 low washer and fuel indicator package

Y69 Brougham interior trim (Olds)

Y70 paint stripe

Y71 outside temp indicator

Y72 heavy duty engine cooling

Y74 exterior molding, blue

Y76 special local area options

Y78 Salon option (Olds)

YF5 Emission Tested

YJ9 Exterior dress package

ZJ7 Rally Wheels

ZJ9 Auxiliary Lighting Group

Z03 Landau Equip

Z15 SS equipment.

Z49 Canadian Base Equipment

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